So now Sheriff Dipstick’s attacking the Bush tax cuts (laughing) in the lame duck session of Congress.  Sheriff Dipstick, do you know who spearheaded extending the Bush tax cuts?  It was President Obama, Sheriff.  Lord! My friends, we are surrounded by genuine, institutional ignorance. (interruption) Well, I… (laughing) Snerdley… (laughing) Snerdley just asked me if Sheriff Dipstick ever arrests people.  Meaning: Does he ever do his job?  He’s out there at the Washington Post blog now and somehow bringing the Bush tax cuts into the motivation-for-violence argument — and, you know, “Who’s gonna blink? Are you willing, Mr. President, to tear the economy apart? Are you gonna give us what we want for the rich people?” He spearheaded it! Sheriff, it was Obama’s idea to extend the Bush tax cuts, or Bush tax rates.  

You know, the sheriff is talking about issues clearly above his pay grade, I think we could all agree.

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