Democrats Plan to Use Shooting in Effort to Curtail Boehner’s Agenda

Here’s the New York Times story.  Carl Hulse:  “For Boehner, Rampage Imposes Its Own Agenda — Speaker John A. Boehner expected to spend his first celebratory weeks as the new leader of the House showcasing his party’s differences with the Democrats.  But the shooting rampage in Arizona upended those plans. Now Mr. Boehner is being called on to play a far less partisan role, leading Republicans and Democrats alike through a difficult period. How he performs will not only be crucial in shaping his national image, but also could frame his relations with his own party and with the Democratic minority.”  So here is the New York Times — a despicable bunch — trying to use this terrible tragedy to threaten John Boehner and the rest of the congressional Republicans into going back on their promises and to defy the clearly expressed will of the American people last November.  So once again the media, Democrat accomplices, all seeking to gain political advantage over this shooting.  It’s everywhere you look on the left, this attempt to politicize and advance their agenda.  As far as the Times is concerned, a subtle brand of psychological terrorism.  What they and the rest of our one-party media want is a neutered Republican House of Representatives.  And who knows?  They might get it.  

The title for the Times Web page of this story is this: “Tucson Shooting Upends Speaker Boehner’s Plans.”  What their assertion should read is, “Let’s hope that the Tucson shooting upends Speaker Boehner’s plans.  Rampage must impose different agenda on Boehner.”  That’s what they’re hoping for.  And the shooting rampage in Arizona has got to upend Boehner’s plans, and we at the New York Times are hell-bent on seeing to it that that happens.  “Aware that a crisis can play out politically in unforeseen ways, House officials say decisions are being made day to day, and depend on factors like the medical condition of Representative Gabrielle Giffords and the other shooting victims, and on the national mood.”

Now, if that’s true, it’s preposterous.  I mean as tragic as the shootings are, they should have absolutely no bearing upon the issues facing Congress in the upcoming weeks, such as getting spending under control, such as repealing Obamacare?  What does the shooting have to do with that?  It doesn’t.  It hasn’t one iota to do with it unless you are part of the Obama regime hoping to use this to intimidate Republicans into just abandoning their agenda because we at the New York Times and elsewhere in the media are gonna say that your agenda is divisive and your agenda helped lead to the climate, and your supporters and your media helped create the climate that led to this shooting.  And so, Speaker Boehner, if you know what’s good for you, and if you know what’s good for your supportive media, if you know what’s good for the country, you’ll abandon your agenda.  That’s how they take an unfortunate tragedy like this, while claiming to be heartbroken for the victims, they, behind closed doors are eagerly rubbing their hands together, strategerizing how they can use this incident to advance their political agenda and do great harm to their political opponents.



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