Democrats Eager to See Obama Profit Politically from Mass Murder

Washington Post headline:  “After Shootings, Obama Must Find Not Only Right Words but Right Time to Say Them.”  That means they’re busy with the teleprompter even as we speak and the optics.  “In the aftermath of the Arizona shootings, President Obama canceled his travel plans and called for a national moment of silence,” which brought some media to tears morning, by the way. There was a presidential moment of silence. On the steps of the Capitol members of Congress and their staff gathered for moment of silence, and a couple members of the media were so moved by the nothingness that they cried at how well Obama did silence. 

I’m not making it up! The media started crying at how effective Obama was at moments of silence.  “[A]fter an event so inexplicable…” It’s not inexplicable.  It is very explicable.  It’s not inexplicable.  By the way, who is writing this?  Anne Kornblut.  Anne, I thought you guys had the answer.  I thought it was Sarah Palin.  I thought it was the Tea Party, Fox News, me.  Now it’s inexplicable?  “[A]fter an event so inexplicable — and at the same time so politically polarizing…”  Politically polarizing?  Why…? Who politicized this, Ms. Kornblut?  You did!  You expect people who have nothing to do with this who are accused of inspiring it to sit around and turn themselves in?  What do you expect? 

“[L]iberals and conservatives assuming their assigned battle stations over whether guns and partisan rhetoric are to blame,” uh, no, that’s not even correct what’s going on here, either, “what larger message could the president send?  “As John Dickerson of Slate notes, it would be difficult for some Americans to see Obama as anything other than a Democrat — a partisan, in other words — if he delivered a speech on the importance of civility, although there may be powerful reasons for him to try. He was, after all, the candidate who tapped into a collective hunger to end partisan rancor, and who confronted the seemingly thornier issue of race.”



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