Decoding State-Run Media Propaganda on the Economy

This is from Gallup. Somebody in the Drive-By Media is not doing their job. And they’re really trying, by the way. Folks, we have unemployment news today. It’s unexpectedly high. Claims for new unemployment assistance, unexpectedly, way, way up. And so if you read the story from State-Controlled AP you find out it was the snow. Really? So we looked at the Labor Department’s report. The Labor Department is the official agency announcing unemployment numbers. So we read it. We scoured it. The Labor Department doesn’t say anything about snow in their report. People get fired when it snows, people can’t get to work when it snows. I guess the way they have to do this is if you have a job but you can’t get there you are counted as unemployed that day as far as the AP steno pool is concerned. The only thing I don’t know is if they call the White House first and get clearance to run this story. But the Labor Department makes no mention of snow. So AP just put it in there. We’ve got that.

I’ve got contradictory stories: “The economy, it’s on afterburners, really racing.” Next story: “No. No, it’s not. The reverse thrusters are on, the economy is slowing down.” And then here from Gallup: survey finds more Americans approve of Republicans than disapprove of ’em for the first time since 2005, after Tucson, after the State of the Union. Well, I don’t know after the State of the Union, but certainly after Tucson, after the first two years of the regime. The numbers are 47-43. “Americans’ opinions of the Republican Party have improved to the point where now more have a favorable than unfavorable opinion of the party. The last time more Americans viewed the GOP more positively than negatively was in 2005. These results are based on a USA Today/Gallup poll conducted Jan. 14-16.” From the Weekly Standard blog by Jeffrey Anderson: “The January Kaiser Health tracking poll, conducted jointly with the Harvard School of Public Health, now shows Obamacare to be less popular than at any time since its passage.”

Now, put those two things together. Republican Party more favorable than unfavorable for the first time since 2005, and “For the first time since Obamacare became law, Kaiser now shows 50 percent of respondents holding an ‘unfavorable’ opinion of it (up from a previous high of 45 percent in this poll), with only 41 percent holding a ‘favorable’ opinion of it. The Kaiser Health tracking poll has always been an outlier poll, showing unusually favorable results for Obamacare. Previously, the largest margin of opposition in this poll was just 3 points.” But a nine-point jump in opposition seems like a bit more than an uptick, almost a ten-point margin. Doesn’t seem all that roughly divided. “Kaiser/Harvard’s political leanings are evident in its write up, as a shift from 41 percent opposition last month to 50 percent opposition this month is described as an ‘uptick.'” Almost ten points. It’s not an uptick whatsoever. And this is a poll, as I say, traditionally favorable to the regime.

Now, we know in most polls the number of people that oppose Obamacare, want it repealed, are in the mid- to upper fifties, in some polls low sixties. So here, Republicans more favorable than unfavorable first time since 2005. Obamacare less popular than any time since it became law. Let’s see, what’s next in the Stack of Stuff here? Well, interesting numbers. Going back over the past State of the Union addresses, when George W. Bush gave his State of the Union address in 2007, unemployment was 4.6%. When he gave his last State of the Union in 2008, it was 5%. That’s up .4%. Compared to when Obama gave his State of the Union address in ’09, 7.8%, and in 2010, 9.7%. So Bush’s last State of the Union, 2008, 5%, in Obama’s State of the Union, 9.7%. And the president is touting the growth of government and more government programs as a way to grow the economy.



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