China overtaking US as World Superpower

Glenn’s been focused quite a bit on China this week. Last week, he did a whole special about China overtaking the US, and he is focusing a good bit of tonight’s TV show on the topic as well. He talked about China, Obama, and more on radio this morning.

“You know, China has partnered with GE, which I think is great.  Hu comes over and he decides, you know, let’s ‑‑ let’s do a few things.  Let’s just, let’s take care of a little business.  First of all, hey, that U.S. dollar thing?  That’s not really working out, you know, for us and the rest of the world.  So they’ve decided that they are going ‑‑ they say that the dollar is a thing of the past.  Now, is that a problem for anybody else?  I mean, really, seriously.  Do you know that you ‑‑ Bank of China just opened up two branches here in Manhattan and you can now get $20,000 worth of yuan per year, each citizen can.”

He added, “I mean, if anybody, if anybody’s going to survive, it has to be the Chinese.  Chinese, the Chinese are buying up everything.  I mean everything.  Do you know that we’re ‑‑ I guess we’re building an airport in Idaho, or they want to build an airport in Idaho?  Government‑run, government‑owned, Chinese airport.  And they are like, well, we’ve got a lot of business.  Really?  What businesses ‑‑ are you loading stuff up and just ‑‑ what… what?  Hmmm?  The Chinese are, the Chinese are well ahead of everybody else.  While we are playing politics and we’re like, ‘Oh, you know what?  John Boehner cries a lot.’”

Tune in tonight at 5pm on Fox News for more on Glenn’s coverage of China.

Do your homework, read some facts compiled by Glenn and his team.



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