Call for “Civility” is Call for Tea Party to Shut Up, Drop the Agenda

I want to go back to this setup here that has been in place since Tucson.  I’ve been thinking about that ever since we had that call from that brilliant caller who pointed out that this call for “civility” is nothing more than a call for censorship, a call for people to shut up.  You know, they say, “We have to get along. The American people want to see us get along.”  Is that what the American people want? This ABC/Washington Post poll says the same thing, by the way: The vast majority of Americans want Republicans and Democrats to get along.  Isn’t it amazing how everything the left wants or puts into an agenda shows up as a majority-supported item in a poll?

If the American people wanted Democrats to get along with Republicans, then why this massive Democrat defeat in November?  And of course not just in Washington but throughout the country.  Now, it’s by no means time to start caving on the agenda.  We have won the right to try governing our way.  Whatever we do, it can’t be any worse than what the left has done for the majority of the last 80 years.  You think we can do better than 9.4% unemployment?  Damn right we can!  You think we can do better than $3.50 a gallon a gasoline?  Yeah!  You think we can do better than a 25% reduction in home values across the board?  Damn right we can do better than that!  You think we can do better than the debasing of our currency? 

Our annual deficit’s over a trillion dollars; you think we can do better than that?  You know darn well we can do better in all of these areas.  Think we can do better in personal liberty and freedom?  Damn right we can.  We just need the energy and the commitment to do so.  Our view is very simple.  It isn’t complicated at all.  Socialism doesn’t work, it can’t work, so why continue to follow such a disastrous path?  Because Obama insists on it?  Because Chuck-U Schumer insists on it? Because the media insists on it?  Because certain Republicans want to be seen as “civil”?



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