Bipartisan Obamacare Repeal Got More Votes Than the Original Bill

The Democrats and the media, they still want to talk about the health care repeal vote in the House as nothing more than political theater.  Hell, it was bipartisan, there were three Democrats that voted.  Repeal of health care in the House got more votes than Obamacare got in the House.  Did you know that?  To kick it away got more votes than the original bill got in support.  Yesterday’s vote was not political theater, folks, it was the laying of a minefield.  You wonder why Dingy Harry doesn’t want that vote over there in the Senate?  Dingy Harry is saying (paraphrasing) “I’m not gonna allow the vote to happen over here.”  McConnell says there will be a vote. Dingy Harry said there’s not gonna be a vote.  He knows he might lose it.  There’s a bunch of Democrats in the Senate up for reelection in 2012, and he doesn’t want to have to force those guys on the record.  He is afraid of all the Democrats in the Senate who would vote to repeal this thing.  This is by no means anything other than an expression of and a sticking to of principle.  No political theater intended here.  Isn’t it interesting how the momentum can shift in just one political day?  Prior to the vote yesterday, people on our side, “It’s over, we lost the momentum, ah, this stuff in Tucson,” now everybody’s back up, and revved up, ready to go.



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