The media is working around the clock to link the Tea Parties to the lone gunman in Arizona, and they have now started to use some pretty hypocritical and contradictory language.

Glenn explained, “The media keeps claiming that the tea parties are anti‑government, and I pointed out several times, we’re not anti‑government.  We’re anti‑ big government.  We’re anti‑oppressive government.  We’re anti‑out‑of‑control government.”

“They have to make you anti‑government because only crazy people are anti‑government.  Only anarchists are anti‑government.  Now, anarchists come from both the left and the right.  They’re people that are fascists or communists.  They want big government.  They want to control it.  They want to control it.  That’s who’s anti‑government.”

Stu chimed in and pointed out the confusing narrative the media is trying to create. “I love how we’re accused of both worshipping the Constitution and being anti‑government.”

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